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Dec 06, 2015 · As with the previous sets, these are generally parts that I’ve needed for my own projects. The group of Fritzing parts. The group of Fritzing parts, numbered. The parts are as follows: 5V 1 Channel Power Relay. Piezo Element. HRXL-MaxSonar-WR Ultrasonic Range Finder. FT232RL USB to Serial Breakout. TTP223B Capacitive Touch Sensor.. Jun 01, 2017 · Overview. This tutorial is to design a smoke detector through a raspberry pi board and MQ-2 smoke sensor.It can detect the concentration of the smoke in the environment.The gas-sensing materials the MQ-2 sensor used is SnO2 material,which is lower conductivity in clear air, the conductivity of sensor would go up with the increase of the smoke ....

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